Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Asperger's Syndrome Assessment

Child, Adolescent and Adult Autism Assessment

Child and Adolescent Autism Assessment

A child or adolescent autism assessment involves gathering information about the child/adolescent from several settings. This most commonly involves home and kindergarten/school settings. We like to collect information using the following methods:

  • A structured play/interactive observation with your child/adolescent using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2), a gold standard diagnostic tool for assessing ASD.

  • An in-depth parent interview about your child/adolescent’s development, characteristics and concerns you have.

  • Contact with your child/adolescent at kindergarten or school and completion of relevant questionnaire/s by your child’s carer or teacher. 

See the fee schedule for more information about this assessment.

Please note that a diagnosis of autism should only be made on the basis of multiple sources of information using validated and reliable assessment tools. 

Adult Austism Assessment

Adult Autism Assessment

The diagnostic process can be an important avenue for gaining self-understanding for adults who suspect that they have characteristics consistent with autism. SunnyMinds has successfully diagnosed many men and women who meet criteria for autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. An adult diagnostic assessment consists of:

  • Case history.

  • Administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2).

  • Relative/partner interview.

  • Administration of questionnaires.

  • Report.

More information is available on the fee schedule.